Use sections to break up your content and add structure to your lessons. Each section can be accessed from the navigation bar on the left hand side of the lesson. 

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Lesson Navigation

1. Use the Edit Mode button to go between edit and view modes. In view mode, you will see the class as your students will.

2. Add sections and assignments to your lessons.

3. The navigation bar will allow you to move through the different sections.
These sections can be made up of lesson material (shown by the book icon), and assignments (shown by the pen icon). Each lesson also has an information page - which is where you can edit when a lesson will open.

4. Content blocks are where you add your lesson material. You can add extra content blocks and insert questions and add readings to make your lessons more engaging. 

Create and Edit Sections

1. Make sure you are in edit mode.

2. Click + Add Section. 

3. Give your new section a title, then click + Add Section.

4. Use the features provided to format your lesson content. 

5. To add an assignment, click + Add Assignment. 

6. You will be prompted to create an assignment. You can choose from writing assignment or annotation assignment. 

Build beautiful and engaging lessons video

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