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Tag other participants in your posts
Tag other participants in your posts

Loop others into your discussions by tagging them in your posts.

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At times, you might want to directly add someone into your conversation, for example, if you are answering a question or joining in on a discussion.

Using our "tag" feature will make sure the tagged student gets notified that they have been added to a discussion.

1. Start writing your message. When you would like to add the tag, first use the "@" symbol.

📝 Note: If you don't know where to find "@", these articles might help: On a Mac or On a PC

2. Once adding the "@" symbol, a list of class participants will appear. You can narrow this down by typing in the first letter of the person you want to tag.

3. Click the name of the person, then continue writing your message.

💡 Tip: you don't need to add a space after the name, this will be done automatically.

4. When you are ready, post your comment. The tagged student will be notified.

Here is an example of tagging someone in action:

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