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How do I upload Soundcloud audio to my class?
How do I upload Soundcloud audio to my class?

Learn how to share Soundcloud recordings in your lessons.

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For Soundcloud audio, you actually need to use the "upload video" option to embed the Soundcloud player. Along with a little bit of code editing, you can share your files in minutes.

1. Click Share on your Soundcloud file (the Soundcloud files must be public in order to share).

2. Choose the Embed option and copy the WordPress code.

3. In Wet Ink, select Insert Video > Embed Code. Then paste your code into the space provided.

4. Now for a little bit of editing. You will see that the code starts with <iframe. You want to find </iframe> in the middle of the text, and delete everything after it.

5. Click Insert and the Soundcloud player will be embedded in your content.

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