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How do I leave a community?
How do I leave a community?

Learn how to leave any community you have been added to.

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When you take classes through Wet Ink you might also be added to your course provider's main community page and any spin-off communities from your class.
These are a great way to interact with other like-minded writers and help you to keep up to date with the writing community.

However, you might simply decide that you don't want to be part of community spaces, and that's ok too!

Use this guide to learn how to leave a community.

1. Click Go to community for the community you would like to leave.

2. Go to the Members tab.

3. Find your profile under the "members" section and click on your name.

💡 Tip: If you can't find your name listed use the look up feature to help.

4. After clicking your name, you will be taken to a profile area where you can click Leave community.

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