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Keep up to date using your News feed
Keep up to date using your News feed

Use the News feed to filter notifications and keep up to date with class activity

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With online classes, you have more flexibility to work when it suits you. This means you might work at different times to others in your class. The "News" page can help you to keep on top of class activity that has occurred while you were away.

View your News feed

1. Go to News - the blue number will indicate how many unread notifications you have in "Just Me".

2. Filter by Unread and All notifications.
Once you've read a notification, it will be saved under All so you can go back and view the comment again whenever you like.

3. Filter by Just Me or Class.
You can filter to read notifications that specifically relate to you, for example a comment made on your work, or see updates from the whole class.

4. Notifications are grouped with one "parent" notification (the original event) at the top, any other comments or feedback from that original event are shown beneath.
For example, a new assignment is posted, this will be the parent notification. Each student reply will be shown underneath it.

5. Use the shortcuts to mark a notification as read (marking the parent notification as read will mark all associated notifications) and see comments in a new tab by clicking the arrow.

Tip: When filtering by view All > Class, you can filter further by searching by participant.

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