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Use Zapier to connect Wet Ink with other applications and services

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You can use Wet Ink's Zapier integrations to get the most out of Wet Ink for your process and workflow. To get started, visit the Wet Ink Integrations page at Zapier.

Wet Ink currently supports the following integrations:

  • An action that allows you to invite participants to your classes/communities.

  • A trigger that notifies you when a participant has accepted the invitation and joined your class.

Set up and copy the API key in Wet ink:

  1. In Wet Ink, go to your Organization > Integrations page and setup an API Key.

2. You'll need to copy the key created and use this in Zapier later.

πŸ“ Note: the key in this screenshot is an example, you'll need to create your own, specific to your organization.

Connect Wet Ink in Zapier

1. Login to Zapier to connect Wet Ink with your favorite app by creating a Zap.

2. Follow prompts to set up your event.
If starting with the Wet Ink trigger, you can search for the Wet Ink app event. If using the Wet Ink action, you'll add Wet Ink once you've set up your trigger.

3. When prompted to authenticate Wet Ink, simply enter the API key from Wet Ink and click "Yes, Continue".

4. Continue to create your event.

Here are some examples of how you could use these Zapier integration options.

Wet Ink trigger: New Participant - when a new participant joins Wet Ink, add their details to your customer spreadsheet.

Wet Ink action: Invite Participant in Wet Ink - when a customer makes their payment, send them an invite to join the class/community.

Interested in any other integrations? Get in touch and let us know what you'd like to see!

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