There are two types of work that you might need to complete. The first is to read and complete your lessons. Lessons can be found on the 'Class Home" or under the 'Lessons' tab in your top navigations. 

The second type of work is writing assignments, submissions, and critiques. You can find all these assignments in various locations in the class ('Assignments' tab, 'Critiques' tab, 'Submissions' tab) but they can ALL be found in the the "Deadlines" area, found on the right side of 'Class Home' on the right side. 

Not only does it list the all your required work, you can start the assignments right from here by pressing the blue button. This will take you to where you can write, edit, and publish your response. 

The blue button will change based on the type of assignment. You can also save your work in progress as a draft. In that case, the 'Start Writing' button changes to a green 'Continue Writing' button.

Beyond the deadlines, feel free to participate in all the other areas of your class. You can comment on pretty much anything in your class. The more you engage with others in your class the more you'll get out of it!

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