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Get your first class up and running with these simple steps.

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Wet Ink lets you to create exciting and lively writing-focused classes with ease. This quick start article will help you learn the basics so you can get going.

📝Note: Every class must be created within an organization. If you have not already created an account and an organization, sign up with our free account now. (You can run one 4-week group class for up to 8 students at no cost to you.) 

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  • Create your class

Create a class video

Create your class

1. Go to your Organization's Classes tab.
2. Click the + Create new button. 

3. Give your class a name.
4. Select your class type. 

5. Choose the number of lessons your class will have and when they will occur.

6. Name each lesson and provide a brief description.
7. Click Finish to create your class. 

8. Once you class has been created, follow to checklist to get your class ready to teach! 

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