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Learn how to complete your assignments.

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Assignments will be posted by your instructor for you to complete during your time in the class. These can either be writing assignments or annotation assignments.
Some writing assignments might also be in two parts: writing your response and writing critiques.

In this article:

  • Complete writing assignments 

  • Complete annotation assignments

Complete writing assignments 

Writing Assignments are where students are asked to respond individually to an assignment.

These assignments will show:

  • The title of your assignment.

  • The description for your assignment. 

  • If critiques are required.

  • Whether an assignment is optional or not. 

  • Who is pending and who has submitted work - if critiques are required, it will also show how critiques are distributed. 

1. To begin a writing assignment, click Start Writing.

2. You will be taken to a new screen where you can write directly into the editor or embed a text file. You can also choose to preview, post, or save as a draft to work on later. 

Once you have posted your work, your class will be able to view this and give you feedback. 

Complete annotation assignments

Annotation assignments are where students work collaboratively to annotate and comment on provided reading. 

These Assignments will show:

  • A brief title and description of your assignment.

  • Whether the assignment is optional or not. 

1. To begin an annotation assignment, click Annotate

2. You will be taken to a page where you will see the text provided by your instructor. As a group, use inline-comment and highlights to discuss the text. 

📝Note: Once someone has highlighted a section of text, you cannot select over it. Simply click on the highlighted section and add your comments in the side bar. 

You can come back and add as many annotations as you like, these assignments do not close. 

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