What is the difference between a writing assignment and a submission?

Writing assignments are likely to be part of your Wet Ink experience. They are posted by your instructor for everyone in the class to complete. 

There are two types of writing assignments:

  1. Writing Assignment: Request that you write something. 
  2. Annotation Assignment: This assignment asks you and your classmates to collaboratively annotate and comment on a course reading. (You need provide the reading as text so students can use the in-line comments and highlights features.)

You will likely be expected to provide feedback on your classmates' writing assignments, either through in-line comments, critiques, or discussions. Assignments can be required or optional.

With Submissions, your instructor can create a schedule with staggered dates for single students to submit their writing. This is typically used in classes/workshops where students take turn posting their work in the class for others to critique on. 

What is in a writing assignment or a submission? 

In a writing assignment (not an annotation assignment) or submission, you can expect to find:

  • A brief title of your assignment or submission.
  • The detailed text of your assignment or submission. There may also be images, videos, or audio. 
  • Suggested word count for the assignment. Wet Ink does not enforce the word count. However, it visually shows you that you have exceeded the word count. 
  • Whether an assignment is optional or not. 

These details are included on the 'Assignments' or 'Submissions' tabs, but are also on the left side when you are completing your assignment or submission response. (To start responding to an assignment or submission, click on the blue 'Start Writing' button.)

An annotation assignment is a little different. You will be taken to a screen that looks similar to viewing a classmate's completed assignment. There, you will be expected to use inline comments and highlighters to complete your assignment. 

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